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Conditions of Participation

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Conditions of Participation


Only applications completed 
here online will be accepted. A connection via a Google account is required. To create an account, follow this link.

Each application consists of the following documents:

  1. The application form, completed in English directly online here. We strongly advise you to prepare all necessary documents beforehand as mentioned below. To facilitate your input, here are the various specific fields, with maximum number of characters, which will be asked of you. The form has to be completed in English: project proposal (max. 600 characters), topic/content of your proposal (max. 400 characters), what kind of venue/location do you need? (max. 400 characters), further project specifications (max. 500 characters), short CV (max. 1000 characters)
  2. A project outline describing the artistic idea of the project as well as concrete plans of realisation in English, German or French (on a maximum of 3 A4 pages)
  3. A projected budget
  4. Biographies of the key project members
  5. Where applicable, web links to previous works

The total data volume should not exceed 5 MB

Applications are to be submitted no later than Sunday, December 10th 2017 (23:00, Swiss time)


  • January 2018 The jury meets to select the projects
  • February 2018 The juries decision is communicated to all participants
  • February / March 2018 possible meetings with invited artists in Fribourg: visits to the venue and further development of the projects on site
  • June 2018 production of the projects
  • June 28th – July 7th 2018 35th Festival Belluard Bollwerk International