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BELLUARD FORTRESS – The main venue

The Belluard is a fortress from the Middle Ages, where we install a professional stage with roof and trusses for the festival.

Capacity (with seating): 200 persons
Capacity (standing): 400 persons

Images of the Belluard stage and the Arsen'alt (1.4 MB)

Plan of the stage and the Belluard (298.8 KB)

Plans and cross-cuts of the Belluard fortress (29.0 MB)


The Arsen'alt consists of two rooms of approx. 8.5 x 14 meters that are ideal for performances for smaller audiences, installations and exhibitions. They are situated in an annex building of the Belluard where also the festival center with the bar and the box office is located.


The venue Nouveau Monde at the Ancienne Gare is a black box theatre, with flat floor and riser with chairs for the audience. The stage measures 9 x 9 m.

Capacity: 120 seats.

Technical rider of Nouveau Monde (91.0 KB)