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Festival 2018




Ceremony at the headquarters of solitude

The Institute of Global Solitude (IGS) devotes itself to the study and the promotion of aloneness. During two evenings, it opens its doors to the public. Following a strict protocol, members of the audience can visit the institute and discover a program featuring short individual meetings with members, guided tours based on the phenomenon of solitude, a conference with speeches and welcoming words, as well as a collective dinner of the united lonely souls.
IGS is a site-specific project of the Greek collective blitztheatregroup created in collaboration with local artists. A cross between documentary and fiction, performance, celebration and installation, the project conveys a playful and thoughtful exploration of the ambivalent phenomenon of solitude.

approx. 270 min
en français and in English
Marly Innovation Center Sàrl
  • Sat 30.6. 20:30 - Sun 1.7. 00:30
  • Sun 1.7. 20:30 - Mon 2.7. 00:30
  • 35 CHF dinner included



Concept and production blitztheatregroup In collaboration with La Manufacture, Hochschule der Künste Bern With Yorgos Valais, Angeliki Papoulia, Christos Passalis, Camille Denkinger, Natasza Gerlach, Audrey Liebot, Julien Meyer, Jean Sluka, Pierre Angelo Zavaglia, Nico Fabian Leo Herzig, Melisa Su Taskiran, Jean-Michael Taillebois, Agnes Collaud, Jocelyn Raphanel, Micaela de Weck, Manuela Bernasconi, Sir Taki, Laetitia Salamin, Dédé Galley, Kamel Galley Administration and production Maria Dourou Development Ligne Directe, Judith Martin Assistants Grégory Sugnaux, Anouk Werro

Presented with the support of Fondation Nestlé pour l'Art

Created thanks to a cultural promotion contribution of Canton Fribourg

© Ben Richards