Festival Belluard Bollwerk International


Pre-read THIS BOOK IS GREAT at Belluard!

Being a pre-reader is an honour.

Come and pre-read with us and, armed with the tools that no pre-reader should be without - crayons, marker pens, post-it notes - share a new way of adding value (your value) to a book hot off the press.

Are you a journalist? a politician? a local celebrity? a professional reader? an artist? … the parent of an artist? or maybe a hockey player? a stamp collector? … are you called Martin or François? Were you born in 1983?

If have a couple of hours spare in the next couple of weeks and are any of the above (or reckon there's another GREAT reason for you to be a reader) write to us without delay!

[email protected]


More information on THIS BOOK IS GREAT here.