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Two performances on the aesthetics of good intentions

Back in the days when the bald ibis populated the cliffs of Europe, it was considered a bad omen. And being as ugly as it is tasty, the bird was very nearly exterminated. Today, thanks to lengthily programmes, the bald ibis is being reintroduced. But why? In the Anti-Stork, two representatives of the Homo Sapiens species justify themselves before the eggs of a bald ibis in their nest.

For the great auk, time has run out – the bird was exterminated in the middle of the 19th century. In Eight years, we see the last of his kind on stage - Eight years being the lapse of time he survived his own species. A solo for a bird that remembers the past and prepares for its own dignified departure.

Through two (almost) extinct bird species, Dorn ° Bering humorously broach various subject such as expulsion and greed, ecological measures, the so-called migrant threat and the role of aesthetic preferences in the context of moral questions.

70 min break included
BBI Production
auf Deutsch surtitré en français
Belluard Bollwerk
  • Wed 4.7. 21:00 - 22:10
  • Thu 5.7. 20:00 - 21:10
  • 15 CHF



Concept, direction, performance and text Dorn ° Bering Scenography Kathi Sendfeld Assistant Tina Odermatt Production Der Anti-Storch Theater Drachengasse Wien

Created thanks to a cultural promotion contribution of Canton Fribourg, and a contribution of the Migros Cultural Percentage in response to the Open Call Solitude

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