Festival Belluard Bollwerk International


Watch & Talk

Creative intercontinental timeout

Three Swiss artists, five artists from outside of Euope – this is the approved watch&talk formula at the Belluard Festival. This year, the festival welcomes a director from Lausanne, an actor / director from Mexico, an interdisciplinary artist from India, a theatre, radio and music producer from Ticino, a photographer / video artist from Egypt, a director / playwright / actor from Brazil, a visual artist from Swaziland and a performer / artist from Berne – a mix that promises innumerable opportunities for discussion, debate, contradiction, exchange and agreement throughout the entire festival program.

Participants 2018 Alan Alpenfelt, Johannes Dullin, Megha Katyal, Nourhan Maayouf, Siyanda Marrengane, Magali Tosato, Abraham Vallejo, Gustavo Vaz


Local coordination Varun Xavier Kumar

watch & talk is a project of the Migros Cultural Percentage in collaboration with the Belluard Festival