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Orthographe de la physionomie en mouvement

The audience sits inside a camera obscura: a lightproof room with a small aperture through which some light can pass. The light in question comes from the adjacent room where the actors stand. The play is projected through a lens and onto the wall in front of the spectators. 
The images of dazzling quality render the actors glowingly two-dimensional as they evolve in the dark. For this project, Orthographe was inspired by la Nouvelle iconographie de la Salpetrière, 18th century photographic albums by the renowned French neurologist Dr. Charcot. Most of the subjects in these albums were young women interned in the epilepsy ward of the famed Parisian hospital. In order to prove his theories on hypnosis and hysteria, Dr. Charcot conducted astounding and often traumatising experiments on his patients.

Belluard Bollwerk
  • Thu 29.6. 18:00 - 21:00

Conception: Orthographe (Alessandro Panzavolta, Angela Longo, Sonia Brunelli et Sabrina Maggiori) - régie : Alessandro Panzavolta - avec Angela Longo, Francesca Calafiore, Sara Masotti et Roberta Galassini - lumière : Francesca Pambianco - production Orthographe, la Biennale de Venise, Inteatro-Teatro Stabile di Innovazione - avec le soutien de la Regione Marche - Assessorato alla Cultura - projet interrégional “Quattro regioni al centro della scena” en collaboration avec la commune de Forlì - Assessorato Politiche Giovanili.

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